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KH Kim Youth Martial Arts Program

At KH Kim Taekwondo, our youth martial arts programs are intensive, interactive and age appropriate. This simply means that, the younger children are involved in high energy, fun, activities, while older children are working toward a skill level on a par with our adult curriculum. However, the overarching goal of all youth programs is to build our student's self esteem. This is achieved by acknowledging, recognizing and rewarding not just our student's accomplishments and successes, but their efforts along the way.

Learning martial arts is a physical endeavor, involving all the muscle groups, and helping to develop a student's physical fitness. But our teaching goes far beyond just the physical moves and techniques. At KH Kim Taekwondo, we teach in the traditional martial arts style, using this as the mechanism to develop positive character and life-success skills in our students, and emphasizing personal-development aspects such as: increased self confidence, improved focus and concentration, a developed self discipline, and the optimal physical fitness.

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As parents, we all have a strong vision of how we want our children to turn out - safe, confident, happy. So naturally, we worry about "How can WE insure the success of our child's future?"

Our children go to school to gain knowledge in math, science, history…and these schools also provide a program of physical activities. But what is lacking, what our children are not learning, what these schools do not impart, is the knowledge and life skills necessary for success in everything our child will ever do.

Believe it or not, the traditional form of TKD practiced at KH Kim, when practiced continuously, thoroughly, and with concentration of effort, will provide the essential keys to success for your child. This is because the underlying lessons of the punching, blocking and kicking techniques, the subliminal lessons if you will, are goal setting, perseverance, self-control, integrity and indomitable spirit. Through the simple process of setting realistic goals, reaching those goals and then setting newer, higher goals that they must persevere to attain, children learn that success comes through hard work, courage and team work overcome obstacles, and not to quit until the desired end result is realized. This "success" ethic, along with the other lessons of TKD provide the launching pad for your child's life of empowerment, success and happiness.

Please give your child the opportunity for a fully enriched life. Join us, and after just a few short weeks you'll notice the difference right away in their attitude towards you, towards school and towards life in general. The fear associated with adversity will disappear. The path for the future will be lead by positive role models. Self defense will not only be fending off an attacker, but taking care of the body, the mind and the spirit.

So you see, you can insure the success of your child's future, by guiding them as you would with the those first few simple steps.

Character traits that martial arts develops in a child:

  • Self Esteem
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Self Discipline
  • Physical Fitness
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Confidence
  • Positive Attitude
  • Manners
  • Strong Work Ethic

Classes at KH Kim Taekwondo end with group discussions and role-playing exercises. We touch on life lessons and discuss alternate resolutions to some of the issues children face everyday. These issues are discussed in a non-threatening, proactive way.

Children pay close attention as we explore topics that include:

  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Mental Self-defense
  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Proper Respect for Adults
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Saying "NO" to Drugs and Peer Pressure

These valuable life lessons help our students understand the connection between what they learn in class and the real-world applications that make martial arts practical and insightful skills for school-age and beyond.

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Grand Master Kim

Ki Hong Kim

8th Degree Black Belt

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