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Here Are A Few Things People Are Saying about KH Kim Taekwondo

KH Kim Taekwondo is a great place to have your kids learn, not only martial arts, but also the lessons of life that make people successful, such as respect, discipline and determination. Our experience at KH Kim has been completely rewarding and we would recommend this school to anyone. We have visited many schools, and by far, the program at KH Kim Taekwondo is worth the 30 minute drive twice a week!

-Jinshil Duquet

Mother and Son Outside

My son is more excited and engaged in KH Kim Taekwondo than any other sport he has participated in.

-Vili Weszt

Our family "LOVES" KH Kim Taekwondo. It makes for a good relationship with each other. I like doing Taekwondo with my kids…we give advice to each other when we need help. Also, we are healthier than before. Sometimes we find ourselves talking about how to show respect to the other person. My kids are really good about that - we're so proud of them. Also, it's kind of funny that my girl loves Taekwondo more than dance!

-Ashley Baik

KH Kim Taekwondo has been a wonderful experience. I have seen significant changes in my 6 year old's attitude and respect level since starting classes. He enjoys coming and earning his stripes. Thanks!

-Erin Krex

KH Kim Taekwondo has helped to boost my son's confidence and has taught him to be respectful of others.

-Lisa Brody

My kids enjoy coming to KH Kim Taekwondo because they love their Masters (instructors). It's a great place to teach your children discipline, respect for others and self-defense.

-Jenny Schwartzburg

KH Kim Taekwondo is important to the Chasanov family. Our son Michael is following in the footsteps of his sisters and brother who are all black belts in Taekwondo from KH Kim. Our daughter Chanel's strength was board breaking, our daughter Dior's strength was her forms and our son David's strength was his determination/hard work ethic. I couldn't be prouder of the accomplishments of our three children becoming a black belt. They worked so hard to accomplish their goals of discipline and confidence. Our son Michael, who is eight years old is continuing to follow the tradition of working hard to accomplish his goals, develop confidence, discipline, and acquire knowledge/skills to obtain his black belt in the future. Michael attends Taekwondo class three times a week and attends all Championships. I want Michael to feel as proud one day as his sisters and brother by becoming a black belt. We will continue to encourage him to reach his goals. We want to thank Grandmaster Kim, Master Karloff, Master So, and all the other (Masters/Instructors) for all their hard work in helping my children throughout the years. We appreciate everything you do.

-Jill and Maxim Chasanov

KH Kim Taekwondo succeeds where others rarely try. They know how to work with very young (3 – 5 year old) children, many who may have attention and sensory integrative issues.

-Robert B. Bloom, Ph V. Asst. Prof. Clinical Psychology The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

My children have been coming to KH Kim Taekwondo for four years. They have progressed through many belt levels and, most importantly, have gained improved self-confidence, focus, strength and self-defense skills.

-Kate Denny

Students Kneeling

My son has been attending KH Kim Taekwondo for the last 4 ½ years and has really increased his confidence level and his ability to focus as a result of his involvement with this school.

-Jan Lawless

Grand Master Kim

Ki Hong Kim

8th Degree Black Belt

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